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Ask a West Palm Beach Funeral Home: Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do when faced with the loss of a loved one?

Please call us. We can help assist you through the process of arranging a funeral, memorial, burial, or cremation. Start by scheduling an appointment with us. We will tell you the information you'll need to bring to your appointment. Next, contact your clergy, if any. We can provide clergy if needed. Notify immediate family, close friends, employers, or business colleagues. Select pallbearers and notify us of your choice. Gather obituary information. Locate a will (if any) and notify your lawyer and/or the executor of the will. Notify insurance companies. Check all life and casualty insurance and death benefits. We can assist with any other arrangements.

What are the choices for interment of the deceased?

First, you must choose whether the remains will be cremated or buried. You then have the options for interment of either the body or cremated remains. The options are earth burial, entombment, burial at sea, whole body donation or organ donation followed by one of the previous options. For cremation, you also have the option to scatter the remains. Local regulations govern the scattering of ashes on public property.

Can there be a funeral ceremony if cremation is chosen?

Yes. If you choose, you may have a traditional funeral service with the body prior to cremation. Rental caskets with removable interiors, or cremation caskets, are available for this choice. Another option is a memorial service following the cremation.

How long can I get a death certificate locally?

Locally you can get a death certificate from your vital statistics office for 3 years. After 3 years, you must get a death certificate from the vital statistics office in Jacksonville, FL.

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